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Supreme Wall Paneling for New Jersey Residents

Do you need to help protect your walls from possible damage and want to spruce up the look of a room? Custom wall paneling for your New Jersey home is a great way to transform the look of your existing walls while also safeguarding them from everyday risks like scuffs and scratches. The classic look of the raised trim and paneling instantly elevates the refined ambiance in any room in your house, and it saves you the headaches of a pricey remodel. Fernandes Trimming has been providing wall paneling and other home improvement services throughout New Jersey for over seven years, specializing in high-end custom homes with the quality workmanship and fantastic customer service that goes with it.

grey wall with trim

Custom Wall Paneling and Its Benefits

Wall paneling includes a raised trim for the walls that’s usually made of wood and sometimes incorporates a polyurethane or melamine layer for reinforcement. The design work on wall paneling can be incredibly intricate, and it can even be made to look like granite, marble, limestone, or other types of stone, so you’re not stuck with just one type of appearance. Some of the benefits of custom wall paneling include its affordability when compared with a remodel and its appealing versatility of how it can look. It also helps to protect your existing walls from possible scrapes and dings that come with everyday life, which means a lot less maintenance to keep your walls in good condition.

Upgrade Your Home with Wall Paneling

When you’re ready to upgrade the look of your home and want to elevate the look of your walls without breaking the bank, get in touch with Fernandes Trimming for custom wall paneling in New Jersey. The classic elegance of your custom trim and wall paneling can be tailored with your style and taste woven into the design by our highly-creative workmanship and passion for total customer satisfaction. You can rely on us for a flawless job and honest, friendly service for custom wall paneling, as well as a comprehensive list of other enhancements for your home like custom closets, fireplaces, and coffered ceilings. For questions about our services or to get started on your own custom wall paneling, call Fernandes Trimming today to get a free consultation and quote!

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