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Elegant Cabinets & Other Custom Millwork in New Jersey

Fernandes Trimming provides residents of New Jersey custom millwork for the finest of cabinets, countertops, vanities, and other furniture and fixtures to beautify your home with functional adornments. Are you moving into a new house, or do you need to revamp the spaces in your existing home? Let us work with you to design and create personalized pieces of cabinetry and furniture. We can match your pre-existing décor or redefine the look of a room with our high-end solutions for residential millwork. You’ll enjoy the fine attention to detail and high-quality workmanship that goes into every piece we build.

new grey cabinets

Ideas for Custom Millwork in Your Home

With our exceptional carpentry and craftsman skills, your imagination might be the only limitation to what we can create. There’s an enhancement for every room, and your vision working with our skilled and experienced team can transform a drab space into an upscale nesting spot. Wherever you reside in New Jersey, the custom millwork specialists of Fernandes Trimming will make your dream a reality. Some examples of what our custom millwork can produce for your home include:

  • Fine custom cabinets for your home office, study, or basement
  • Entertainment centers for your television, stereo, and other equipment
  • Countertops, islands, cabinets, and more for your kitchen
  • Classy covers for your radiators and other fixtures
  • Bathroom vanities designed to match your height for convenience

Add Functional Elegance in Every Room

Whatever your needs are for any room in the house, custom cabinets, furniture, and fixtures that you desire are just a phone call away with Fernandes Trimming, providing custom millwork for New Jersey residents. Begin your possession of a new home with high-quality creative works of functional elegance or reinvent the dull rooms of your current home with an air of extravagance or coziness. Whatever you decide makes your house a comfortable environment, we’ll work with your ideas and desires to bring it to life. If you have any questions about what custom millwork we can do for you in New Jersey, don’t hesitate to call Fernandes Trimming and get a free consultation and quote!

Make Your Dreams Come True