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Functional Custom Closets for Homes in New Jersey

Get elegance and organization built right into your closet space with custom closets for your New Jersey home. Fernandes Trimming has spent over seven years making dreams into reality for homeowners across the state with our custom high-quality carpentry and craftsmanship. Your closet is easy to forget when you think about upgrading the rooms in your house, but you can easily convert that plain space into an optimum combination of beauty, organization, and convenience. We’ll convert your closet into a high-fashion space for your clothes with easy storage solutions for pillows, blankets, shoes, and other items. The place where you literally hang your hat, pants, and coats can be functional and fabulous.

new white closet

Endless Possibilities for Your Closet Space

The standard closet in a house has a hanging rod for your clothes and possibly some shelving, which you might think does the job until you realize how much potential there is for better organization and a fresh, attractive aesthetic. Fernandes Trimming has been designing, building, and installing custom closets for New Jersey homes for over seven years, and we can maximize the useful space in your closet to get the organized storage you need with the sleek, stylish look you want. We can enhance your closet space with a variety of upgrades, including:

  • Custom cabinets with shelving for storage and hanging rods for your clothes
  • Shoe racks and jewelry organizers to arrange them easier
  • Corner shelves to maximize your storage space (good for pillows, purses, and large items)
  • Dressing mirrors, a fold-out ironing board, and much, much more

Fusing Function with Your Personal Style

Your closet space is used for clothes, accessories, bedding, and storage, so keep everything in order with an ultra-organized system of cabinets, shelving, and rods. The time you spend picking an outfit and getting dressed can be pleasurable and aesthetically pleasing when we infuse function with your chosen style of design and materials. We can tailor the layout to your taste, whether it’s simple and spartan or more luxurious and refined. Our owner Wendel has a passion for ensuring that the work done will always be to the complete satisfaction of the client. For any questions or to get started on your custom closets in New Jersey, call Fernandes Trimming and get a free consultation and quote!

Make Your Dreams Come True