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Custom Coffered Ceilings for New Jersey Homes

Bring a seemingly timeless look into your New Jersey home with a coffered ceiling, one of the specialties of Fernandes Trimming. The hollows and crisscross pattern of a coffered ceiling can give your home a lofty, dignified touch akin to classic architectural beauty you might find in historical buildings. This style of ceiling design has been used for centuries, and their decorative look also hides imperfections and creates the look of height to the ceiling. You can choose a simple square design, or your style might be more extravagant. We’ll combine our skills and experience with your ideas and style to create a design for your ceiling that will satisfy whatever your tastes might be.

round coffered ceiling with trim

What is a Coffered Ceiling?

A coffered ceiling is an architectural detail that’s been popular since the Renaissance when architects brought back the techniques of classic Roman design. It simply means that there’s a series of hollows or indentations in the ceiling’s surface, the simplest of which is created by crisscrossing beams to form geometrical patterns, such as rectangles or squares. It has a formal and dignified reputation in home and building design. While they were originally used to cover the engineering or for structural distribution of weight, they were and are still primarily used decoratively. They instantly make rooms look larger and classier. Highly-skilled carpenters like Fernandes Trimming can design and install a beautiful coffered ceiling for New Jersey homes to your complete satisfaction.

Trust the Experts in High-End Workmanship

If you’re looking for a dignified touch that adds the illusion of height and space to your living room, dining room, or any other room, installing a coffered ceiling is a smart choice. Your room enhancement should always cater to your own tastes and style, so our passion is to combine our skills and creativity with your thoughts and ideas to produce an upgrade to your home that will leave you completely satisfied. When it’s time to personalize a new home or recreate your current residence, you want carpenters and craftsmen who specialize in high-quality, high-end results for every project. For questions about our services or to discuss putting a coffered ceiling in your New Jersey home, call Fernandes Trimming today and get a free consultation and quote!

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